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New show announced 

hey all, Killwave is playing our first show in 18 months... and it's one month from tonight (Sat Nov 26) at Cobra Lounge. If you are tired of late night concerts, you'll be happy to hear we are going on super early. So get there around 7 because we'll be playing soon after that.

The Calling video - one year anniversary 

Can't believe it's been one year since Killwave released the video for The Calling
here are some thoughts from our singer George about the lyrical message of the song:

"Somebody asked me if "The Calling" was written specifically for heterosexual males due to the emphasis on "girls" in the lyrics. The fun part regarding the song is that the term "girls" can be used on whomever you want regardless of their gender. I'd like to mention the quote from Chaz Bono, 'Gender is between your ears and not between your legs' In fact let's go beyond that. The song is about attraction working it's way in through the senses and about letting yourself enjoy that attraction, whether you like men, women or shoes: 

Sing along to your "girls" without holding back, we don't judge 

Enjoy the video once again with this in mind" - George

The Calling remix  

It's been one year since we released our second album Death By Distortion.
Our friends Carried By Currents played our release show at the Hideout with us and to celebrate the album's first anniversary we are sharing a remix of The Calling from Carried By Currents. Enjoy!

music news - Killwave album 3 

Hey all it's been while so we thought we'd take a minute to give everyone an update.
Soon after Death By Distortion came out our wonderful bassist Erik left the group due to a move and we started writing our 3rd album.
Currently George is working with our producer Jamie, here's a shot of George laying down some vocals and Jamie working the board.

George recording some vocals

music news 

hey all, just a quick update from your pals at Killwave, we've been busy working on new music that we hope to share with you sometime next year.

Subt show 

Hey all, just a reminder that we are playing this Saturday night, June 6th at Subt in Chicago.
The show is 17+ and starts at 9pm.  We are opening for World/Inferno.

Don't miss it, it might be your last chance to see Killwave for a while!

Killwave music news - Death by Distortion - LINKS 


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Previous events

Killwave at Cobra Lounge

Cobra Lounge, Chicago, IL

Killwave will be playing our first show in 18 months at the Cobra Lounge. We will be playing first, so we will be going on soon after doors open at 7pm, so get there early and stay for all the other great local bands. $12 at the door, $10 in advance

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